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On the fifth day after Sanlang left, Wu Yue also got up and went back to Yingchuan. Old Lady Wei specially sent Wei Jue to personally send

On the fifth day after Sanlang left, Wu Yue also got up and went back to Yingchuan. Old Lady Wei specially sent Wei Jue to personally send Wu Yue back, but this time it was not to bring them together, but because among the younger generation, the old lady trusted Wei Jue the most. Before leaving, Wu Yue gave Mrs. Wei three loud kowtows. A Yue thanked her grandmother for her upbringing, and a Yue thanked her grandmother for her love for a Yue. A Yue will always regard the Wei family as his own home to maintain. Old Mrs. Wei burst into tears, trembling to help Wu Yue, even said several good, "Ah Yue is my daughter of the Wei family, after Ah Yue has anything to come to the ancestral home, although the grandmother is old, but you still have two uncles." Wu Yue's tears fell down like broken beads. Grandmother wants to be healthy, and Ah Yue will pray to Buddha to bless her. Old Mrs. Wei was so distressed that she hugged Wu Yue and refused to let go. "OK, OK, everything is fine. Ah Yue also has a good life. Grandmother is still waiting to see Ah Yue marry and have children." Wei Ji also wiped his tears on one side. Old Mrs. Wei took off a string of Buddha beads from her hand and put them on Wu Yue's hand. "This Buddha bead has been with me for many years. It has Aura. Ah Yue wears it as her grandmother accompanies Ah Yue." Wu Yue nose a sour, chest is like holding a breath, can not say a word, only tears gurgle out. Old Lady Wei rubbed Wu Yue's face with her warm hands. Although she was reluctant to give up, she could only say, "OK, it's getting late. Let's go while it's cool." Wu Yue tightly hugged the old lady Wei, and then reluctantly released, turned around that moment was already tears. Old people's feelings are always so soft and long,Automatic nail machine, just like the warm palms covered with wind and frost, which can always touch people's hearts. Wu Yue walked out of the door of the Wei family and looked back at this scholarly family, with mixed feelings for a moment. Wei Ji personally sent Wu Yue to the car. One of the two sisters was in the car, and the other was standing beside the car, holding hands tightly. There are thousands of words in the chest to tell the feelings of parting, but I don't know how to open my mouth. In the end, it only turned into one sentence, "Remember to write often." Wu Yue nodded, "if my sister is free,Nail machine manufacturer, she will go to Yingchuan to play." Although it is reluctant to give up, but also will eventually leave, there is no banquet that does not come to an end. The horse's hooves clattered on the ground, and the wheels rolled out ruts, which went all the way south, from Anyi to Yingchuan. Chapter 61 return. Wu Yue asked Rong, "Grandma, do you believe that if a person experiences the same thing twice, there will be a completely different situation?" It's the same thing, it's the same person, there's too much difference between this life and previous lives. As the old saying goes, 'a fall into the pit, a gain in your wit.' You can't fall into the same pit twice. It would be strange if it were the same. Seeing that Wu Yue was unhappy, she asked, "Do you still miss this old lady?" Wu Yue nodded, "I wonder if I came back too early to spend more time with my grandmother." "It's getting late," said Rong. "The girl has been here for three months. If she stays too long, Iron Nail Making Machine ,Coil Nail Making Machine, she won't be a guest." Wu Yue was silent. She didn't know what would happen if she stayed longer. She only knew that her grandmother was really loving her now, and Ah Ji was really harmonious with her. She believed in their feelings for her, so she didn't think about past lives, didn't think about the next life, and only looked at the present. People live a lifetime, can not always want to ask others to be good to you, why should others be good to you? Do people have to treat you well just because you are related by blood? Others are good to me, that is, others are kind, I want to be grateful, others are not good to me, I do not blame. This is what Wu Yue realized after her rebirth. Wu Yue wrote letters to Xun Qian every day, some would send them, some would not. Wu Yue wrote in the letter that day, "I suddenly feel so happy, if you can be around me, so that happiness can be divided into half of you." Wei Jue was indeed the person who sent Wu Yue to the old lady of Wei. He was very measured in doing things. He cared about Wu Yue just right. He was neither too intimate nor too distant. Such a distance made Wu Yue feel very comfortable. When I came to Anyi from Yingchuan, because it was winter, the road was relatively slow, and when I returned to Yingchuan from Anyi, it was already early summer, the weather was just right, and I arrived in half a month. After a long absence, Yingchuan made Wu Yue feel familiar and strange. When he left, the north wind was biting, and when he came back, the mountain flowers were already in full bloom. Wu Yue said goodbye to Zhao Shi and felt a little like a lifetime ago. Had it not been for that face, Wu Yue would have thought that the person in front of him was a new one. Zhao's body was filled with a heavy spirit, which was unexpectedly not dead, but seemed to calm down the whole person. "It's been hard for Auntie to take care of the house alone these days." Zhao handed a bunch of keys to Wu Yue, "just come back." Wu Yue took the key and asked casually, "Auntie is still worshipping the God of Morality recently?" Zhao Shi said, "worship, believe in things most afraid of waste." Wu Yue nodded, thought about it, Wu Yue still opened his mouth, "I met the general in Anyi this time." As soon as she heard the name of the general, Zhao's eyes lit up in an instant, as if she was alive for a moment. She pulled Wu Yue and asked eagerly, "Did you look at Ah Ling?" Wu Yue shook his head. Disappointed, Zhao loosened Wu Yue and murmured, "Yes, Ah Ling married a general. How could anyone meet him?" Zhao Shi sighed, "It's hard to see Ah Ling." Wu Yue listened to the first half of the sentence originally did not want to talk to Zhao Shi, but heard her say the second half of the sentence and felt that she was very pitiful, that deep sigh made her sad, Wu Yue could not help but open his mouth, "I asked Xun Lang, a Ling is all right in the city." "Has Xun Xiaolang ever seen a Ling?"? Did he say how Ah Ling is doing now? Wu Yue shook his head. "He can't talk to Ah Ling either." Zhao Shi lowered his eyes in disappointment. Wu Yue looked at the heart can not bear, everyone has their own weaknesses, Zhao this person's behavior, let Wu Yue feel very bad, but it is in such a person, but has this more shining maternal love than most mothers. She loves her daughter more than she loves herself,Nail production machine, so she doesn't know how to live after losing her daughter. Wu Yue said, "After the general married a Ling, there was no new person. A Ling should be favored." 。

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