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But here is a paradise for the element masters like Sleeping Night. The first is to control HP, as well as the operation of the move

But here is a paradise for the element masters like Sleeping Night. The first is to control HP, as well as the operation of the move, and then have a range of elemental attacks, after which is to solve the problem of toxic fog, the previous requirements, there is no problem at all overnight, but the problem behind is more troublesome, the early deputy professional pharmacist did not appear to be able to refine the anti-toxin agent. Moreover, it is too extravagant to use the antitoxin potion to practice. The apothecary is a branch of the alchemist. Only pharmacists who have reached the senior level have the opportunity to touch the side when they are promoted. Although they have also reached the senior level of pharmacists and tailors, they have not yet broken through the promotion. Night is also in the booth accidentally bought two low-level sub-professional drawings, has been used to this day, but want to break through is very difficult, must not be an easy thing. Only now, the night can only rely on the blood tonic, can support down. So in the drugstore also wantonly buy one, satisfied out of the city, began his way of Lian Ji. After arriving at the poisonous fog swamp, the night will have been shelved the post also went out, made a relative exposition of the misleading foreign video, considering his strength can not be exposed. So the video of the transfer, the night did not intend to go to the forum, just a pure text elaboration. Back in the game, the night began to organize the memory. According to the professional collocation method announced on the forum, Suye also speculated a way, that is, to attract a small range of blood-sucking mosquitoes with wind blade, then block them with "earth wall", and then burn these blood-sucking mosquitoes with "fireball" and "flame burning" in the range of fire. It is said that the weakness of bloodsucking mosquitoes seems to be the fear of fire attacks. Imagine a creature of level 32, which is really difficult to deal with. Without the healing skills of a priest of level 2, it is very difficult for any class to brush alone. After all, not many classes have so many skills. After a tentative experiment, he used the'wind blade 'to attract a small number of blood-sucking mosquitoes, and then used an earthen wall to block the outside. Because he was not at ease, he also added a wind element shield. As a result, he successfully solved the surrounding blood-sucking mosquitoes with a fireball and flame burning skills. The success of the experiment, let the night confidence greatly increased, opened the element shield directly and unscrupulously into the blood-sucking mosquitoes dense place, relying on the wind element shield's intrepidity, wind blade one after another, occasionally will perform a few fireballs, when approaching will be just right to perform to resist the ring of fire. Precise and unique position, plus the night is very careful to open the distance between the blood-sucking mosquitoes, in a close situation surrounded by their own, no blood-sucking mosquitoes to find the opportunity to attack to supplement HP. It can be said that the special blood-sucking attack of blood-sucking poisonous mosquitoes has lost its effect on the night. With a large number of output skills, the night is not worried about being surrounded by blood-sucking poisonous mosquitoes. Even if it really comes to this point, he will immediately use the skills of low-altitude flight to escape. It is worth mentioning that the proficiency of low-altitude flight is close to the edge of upgrading. The effect of the whirlwind is also very good, plastic bulk containers ,drum spill pallet, a small range of wind elements, it will form a whirlwind, with a unique wind element stirring and sucking effect, although the skill is in the initial stage, but the effect within the range is still there. With the skill of flame burning, it is seamless. Experience is rising, and the night feels like a jet plane, which is like a dream. System Tip: Congratulations on raising your character level to 21. Nearly 62 hours or so, the experience gained plus the perfect evaluation of the transfer, the level of the night finally broke through the critical point, reaching level 21. Overnight, I also breathed a sigh of relief. After staying here for a period of time, I was able to sprint to the third level. Relatively speaking, the third level was a start. After reaching the fifth level in the myth, there would be such a sentence: Below the fifth rank, they are all mole ants. The fifth order! Night a light smile, eyes flash away, both hope and desire, some urgent and look forward to. It can be said that the first order is a footprint, the third order is a beginning, and the fifth order is a watershed. In any case, only the higher the strength, the more power to speak. Get 3 pieces of bronze equipment compared to the transfer of the first rank. There is no reward at all for the transfer of the second rank, but now I can only brush out piles of equipment with the weapons in my hands. Poison fog swamp is a headache place, it seems that in addition to relatively high experience, the rate of violence is similar to other places, brush 62 hours or so, only a few pieces of black iron equipment, the rest is not blue is the whiteboard; with the player's level level gradually improved, presumably the demand for equipment will be more and more strict, even harsh to the extreme. Spent free time, overnight conversion of the forum, looked at their own posts, did not expect that there has been a scene in full swing. Floor 1: Landlord, you said you would be swallowed by a python in that way. What is the reason? Floor 2: Same question as above. Floor 3: Thanks to the landlord, the appraisal is over. 15th floor: Did the landlord change his job? Floor 1522: Is the snake powerful? Is it poisonous? Has the landlord been swallowed? 1551 floor: Pinch seven inches, poke the anus, two very effective methods, I hope you can spread widely. 1552nd floor: Prick the snake's anus or your own anus? Floor 6566: Bullshit, what to poke in the wilderness! 8641 floor: Xu Xian knows what to stab! Floor 13112: Isn't the landlord the strong y who collects money for job transfer? 21221 Building: Depend on, change a job to still receive money. I don't know what it means. I must have seen someone else's red post and jumped out. As soon as I saw it, I knew that the landlord had not read a book and could not even make up a story. I really thought I knew more about the transfer. 42425: Landlord sB, I saw a few times, Leng is do not know what he said. Seeing the reply behind, the night frowned. At the beginning, it was still good, and then it began to abuse irrelevantly. The more it scolded, the more outrageous it was. It had raised the night to the point where people and gods were indignant. Reborn, at least do something good for everyone. But I think some people will hate me to death. Alas,plastic pallet price, if you don't understand, you don't understand, so never understand! It seems that it's better to be selfish in the future. 。

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