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"What do you think?" Fang Guxiang asked Long Xiaotian. "I'm going to talk to him," said Long Xiaotian. With these words, he got up from his seat and walked to Meng Bang, the "King Kong of Divine Power."

Long Xiaotian smiled coldly and said, "To tell you the truth, I can't afford to offend that white-haired old woman. Besides, I have no friendship with Sima Wei. I don't have to make a strong enemy for him." "Good," said Fang Guxiang thoughtfully! Fang promised you the terms! Xiahou Ying added, "But you must see the white-haired old woman before you can break away from Long Xiaotian." Long Xiaotian laughed wildly and said, Ha! Hey, hey! I, Long Xiaotian, am not a nameless person. You, 'Laughing Raksha', are still drinking milk. I, 'Eight-armed King Kong', have made a name for myself and made a living in the martial arts world! Xiahou Ying disdained the tunnel: "The longer the infamy, the more infamy!" "Xiahou Ying," said Long Xiaotian, "you despise me too much!" Xiahou Ying expected that Long Xiaotian would not dare not take the people to Tieshugou. Moreover, even if he did not go, Tieshugou had a place name and was not afraid to find it. So she said angrily, "Even if I, Xiahou Ying, despise you, what should you do?" Long Xiaotian said angrily, "I'm afraid of your younger generation, too!" Xiahou Ying reached out to her waist and whipped her colored silk. "You two don't have to," said Fang Guxiang. "Let's go now! What do you think of Brother Long? Longxiao weather whir tunnel: "Longmou does what he says!"! I'll go now,rapid sand filters, but I'll never meet the white-haired old woman face to face, and I must insist on that! Fang Guxiang nodded and said, "As long as Brother Long's words are not untrue, there is no need for you to meet the old woman." Xiong Hualong said, "I don't dare to help you, Brother Long." "There's just one thing," said Fang Guxiang. "I hope Brother Long will agree generously." Long Xiaotian opened his eyes wide and said, "What's the matter?" Fang Guxiang smiled and poured a mouthful of wine into the gourd. Pointing to the outside of the cave, he said,Rotating sludge scraper, "I hope Brother Long, we'll leave as soon as we say so!"! Start at once! Long Xiaotian blinked his eyes, lifted his eyebrows, and said, "I have a little request!"! Leave as soon as you finish, and never break your promise! Fang Guxiang couldn't help laughing and said, "Brother Long, what new plans do you have?" He is a joke, can also be said to be a kind of sarcasm to Long Xiaotian! Long Xiaotian blushed for a moment and then said, "I want to say a few words to Meng Laodi, who has been with us for seventeen or eighteen years."! I don't know if I can? It turned out that he was reminded of a period of prestige in which he had instructed Meng Bang, the "King Kong of Divine Power," before. Fang Guxiang smiled coldly and said, "Brother Long!"! Meng Laodi has fully understood your hard and soft skills. I think you'd better die of this heart! Long Xiaotian said disapprovingly, "As long as there is no provocation, Meng Laodi and I will live and die together. We have a true friendship." "Since you won't die until you get to the Yellow River," said Fang Guxiang, "you might as well have a try." With that, fine bubble diffuser ,Wall Penstocks, he waved to Meng Bang, who had not spoken for a long time, and shouted, "Brother Meng, this Dragon Warrior wants to say a few words to you!" Unexpectedly, Meng Bang is holding a pile of fruit, buried in chewing, Wen Yan Leng Leng just shook his head, do not look at Long Xiaotian. "What do you think?" Fang Guxiang asked Long Xiaotian. "I'm going to talk to him," said Long Xiaotian. With these words, he got up from his seat and walked to Meng Bang, the "King Kong of Divine Power." The "King Kong of Divine Power" Meng Bang was not seen before. He just peeled the mountain fruits and ate them one mouthful at a time. Long Xiaotian smiled all over his face and cried warmly, "Brother Yu Xian!"! Long time no see! Hello Meng Bang's copper bell eye swung and said stiffly, "I'm good!" Long Xiaotian leaned closer and whispered softly, "Meng Xiandi, we have been brothers for many years and have deep feelings. You are honest and sincere. You should never forget it." "I can't forget it," said Meng Bang without feeling. Long Xiaotian put his hand on Meng Bang's shoulder and said in a very touching way, "If you don't see outside, we will still walk together as before. I will take care of you, and you will cooperate with me!" Meng Bang was not moved at all. Instead, he frowned, glanced at him, and shook his big head. Long Xiaotian further said, "You are the most honest person in this dangerous Jianghu. Are you also ungrateful?" Unexpectedly, Meng Bang, the "King Kong of Divine Power", suddenly clapped his hands and grabbed Long Xiaotian's collar with his right hand. As soon as his tall body grew, he stood up. It didn't matter that he stood there, but he lifted up the "eight-armed King Kong" Long Xiaotian like an eagle catching a chicken. Long Xiaotian exclaimed, "Meng Xiandi!"! Have you forgotten your old love. Yu Banglei roared, "Long, you don't take the right path. You rely on sweet words. You also tell me not to take the right path. It doesn't matter if you don't mention the past. You still come to trouble me, Lao Meng. You're really a big bad guy!" Long Xiaotian has great martial arts, feet off the ground, no way to struggle, although the "eight-armed King Kong" hidden weapon can be issued at any time, but there are concerns. For one thing, Meng Bang has a skill of horizontal practice. Second, in front of so many people, he did not have the courage to openly calculate Meng Bang with a hidden weapon! "Meng Xiandi!" He exclaimed in shame and haste! Meng Xiandi! "Power King Kong" Meng Bang roared like thunder: "Shut up! From now on, don't call me Meng Xiandi again! Today, I'll forgive you, the big bad guy! As he spoke, he threw it out and threw a burly dragon Xiaotian several feet away. Peng! It hit the wall of the cave and landed on the spot. Fang Guxiang stepped forward and said, "Brother Long!"! Hit a brick wall! Long Xiaotian hit a big nail. Now I am ashamed and angry, regretful and annoyed! In terms of skill, he is not inferior to Meng Bang, in addition to strength, the mind is higher than Meng Bang. Today, in front of dozens of pairs of eyes, Meng Bang was thrown like a silk ball in the local, even more sad than killing him, gnashing his teeth, eager to kill Meng Bang immediately. But how can it be done. Xiong Hualong came forward with a smile and said, "Brother Long!"! You don't have a casual relationship with Master Meng. You should know his temper. Why should you.. Looking for trouble? Fang Guxiang stepped forward and said in a low voice, "He's a bastard. Don't get angry." Long Xiaotian knew there was nothing he could do. "I know," he said angrily. "You can't wait to go to Tieshugou,rotary vacuum disc filters, can you? Go!"! Let's go! Fang Guxiang replied, "It's interesting to speak quickly, Brother Long." 。 khnwatertreatment.com

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