Give the slag to receive the end [fast wear]

Rong Ji has hardly used this lounge. He doesn't usually sleep much, but today, he came in for the first time. Something's up. It's still a short word.

The world around the small square has become a projection of the real world. Su Ying seems to have returned to the time when he first came to this world, in the real world, he can see everything in the perspective of Rong Ji. He saw the handsome white-haired soldier standing in front of the mirror, with a small shining white crystal square hanging in front of his chest, which stood out against the black uniform. Rong Ji looked directly at the mirror, a pair of eyes without waves seemed a little indifferent. Su Ying heard a sound coming from the real world outside the projection, and the sound was as faint as if it had no tone. Here, no one can say no to me. From this day on, Su Ying has never been like before, a person staying in space bored to create the world. He stayed with Rong Ji every day, and he could see where Rong Ji went. It was a world that was no different from the world he had experienced. Except that the people he met were very beautiful and the construction equipment was more high-tech, the other things, the blue sky, white clouds, flowers and trees, were still the same. It was a beautiful picture of the perfect unity of technology and nature. From the perspective of the history of human natural development,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, this is already quite good. In the whole universe, only the earth has roughly maintained the natural environment of two thousand years ago, which makes our Chinese eagle become the overlord of the universe, but also the coveted object of other planets with harsh conditions. "War after war, for what?"? Is it a rare resource? Is it technology? A thousand years ago, the extinction of the rare straight people and the last cosmic war must have provided us with the answer. "I hope you realize the importance of nature to human beings." “…… Therefore, the implementation of this environmental plan will be the most stringent inspection plan.. At the time of the meeting,stainless steel welded pipe, Rong Ji was still as lifeless as ever. Although he spoke more inspiring slogans, his tone was still not ups and downs, which made people listen more and more solemn. The meeting is over. After watching the meeting, Su Ying sighed in a low voice in Rong Ji's ear: "When you were young, I was thinking about how smart you were at that time and how powerful you grew up. Now I see that a planet can be managed by you in good order. It's really.." Rong Ji turned off the camera screen, walked out of the live conference room, and went to the lounge before talking to him. What "Hm?" "What was the last thing you said?" "I won't tell you," said Su Ying with a smile. Rong Ji: "Say." Su Ying: "No." Then someone rang the bell outside the door, and the projection screen showed Sisley. Rong Ji refused Sisley's request to enter, put down three words "rest" and locked the door. Why don't you let him in? Su Ying followed Rong Ji into the exclusive rest room of the head of state, the curtain automatically closed, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe ,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, and the sound insulation in the wall was completely opened. This room used to be Rong Xian's territory. Rong Xian died, and now it's Rong Ji's. Rong Ji has hardly used this lounge. He doesn't usually sleep much, but today, he came in for the first time. Something's up. It's still a short word. What's the matter? Su Ying couldn't make head or tail of it. "Do you want to rest?"? But don't you have the habit of taking a nap? Rong Ji did not talk nonsense with him, but lay down and closed his eyes and turned on the induction. But three seconds later, he appeared in the world of Suying. Su Ying was startled by the sudden appearance of Rong Ji. "Why did you suddenly come in?" Rong Ji said, "I said I had something to do." "What.." Su Ying just wanted to ask what was going on, but when he saw Rong Ji staring straight at him, he slowly understood, "You have something to do, just come." See me? Rong Ji did not speak or shake his head, so he acquiesced. The little white dog ran out of the cabin and rushed to Rong Ji's feet, jumping on his trouser legs. He crouched down and let Xiaobai's two front paws successfully rest on his knees, then reached out and let Xiaobai lick him and rub him without blinking. He was licked for a while, and when his hands were covered with the dog's saliva, he used that hand to roll on the dog's head, and Xiaobai was rolled so that his eyes narrowed and he gave a coquettish "whoo". Watching him tease the dog with that silent and expressionless look, Su Ying smiled. "I find that I like you better now." Rong Ji's hand stopped for a moment, and Su Ying noticed his stiff posture and lowered his head to his ear. "Do you know why?" Rong Ji touched Xiao Bai, but didn't reply to him. Without waiting for him to answer, Su Ying went on to say, "When I was a child, you were also very cute. You were small and short, like an ice and snow doll. At that time, you would come to me on time every day and listen to me. You would answer whatever I asked you. Even if the answer was not satisfactory, you would still try to find the answer." "Whoo." Xiaobai acts like a spoiled child while wagging his tail crazily. Rong Ji stretched out his hand, and in less than two seconds, there was a piece of dried meat in his hand out of thin air. Little Bai immediately gobbled the jerky away and swallowed it, and then came back, and Rong Ji changed another piece for him. But at that time you. "What?" Su Ying told the truth: "At that time, you didn't seem to need me at all. Sometimes I felt powerless, as if I could never enter your world." Rong Ji finished feeding the dog and looked up at him. Now it feels like.. Su Ying paused and smiled at him. "Of course, it may be my illusion." It's too early to talk about this without even seeing a superfluous expression on the white-haired man's face. Perhaps the other side simply does not understand what he said, in case of the same as the original "like what means", that is really sad. The lover of this life is an artificial person without emotion, but he is not, at least. He can't remain calm and calm after hearing the other person say "I don't need you". Thinking like this, he intended to prevent the other party from responding to his words,304 stainless steel wire, but Rong Ji did not give him a chance. This delusion has no meaning. Rong Ji said, "If I don't need you, I won't use you." 。

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