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The two men's eyes collided in the air like sharp blades, igniting sparks. Purple leaves smiled, "but this day will never come.". Even if I don't become the king of orcs, I will never fight with you. You're right. There's always a way out. Why do we have to go to war? What's more, the seven towers of Falan will not sit and watch the orcs invade the human world. That's why I just said that if one day the orcs really come out of the Far North Waste Land, it will probably bring destruction. Ye Yinzhu helplessly shook his head, "do not say these, think about all feel very complicated.". Lord Purple Emperor, where are we going now? Hearing that Yinzhu called himself Purple Emperor, Purple couldn't help smiling and said, "Go to your Chamber of Commerce here. We'll get some signs of the Chamber of Commerce. There won't be any problems when we leave the city tomorrow." "Chamber of Commerce?"? Do humans have chambers of commerce in orc strongholds? But didn't you just say that the orcs would try their best to curb the loss of resources, why would they allow the emergence of the Chamber of Commerce? Ye Yinzhu said curiously. "Just because you try to suppress it doesn't mean you don't have it," Purple said. Just like some of the things you humans need are only available in the orc realm. The orcs also need something that only human nations have. The exchange of goods is beneficial to both sides, as long as it is not a large resource transaction, the ruler will not care too much,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, because most of the transactions are between the orc nobles and your human merchants. Also, some of the deals are really good for the orcs. Ye Yinzhu smiled and said, "I'm going to see it." While chatting about the current situation of the orcs, the two men walked toward the west side of the fortress. There were not many orcs in the streets. Occasionally, groups of patrolling orc soldiers appeared, most of whom were the three royal families of orcs. Among them,Brushless Gear Motor, the number of lion people is the smallest. Walking through the streets, feeling the oppression of the stone buildings on both sides, they finally arrived at the destination of their trip. Far away, Ye Yinzhu has seen a huge stone building in front of him. At least 30 meters high, the huge stone building is cone-shaped. It looks very grand. There are few people on other streets, but there are many people here. There are not only orcs, but also humans. Most of the orcs were escorted, and some even wore gorgeous Terran costumes, which made them look like the nobles of the Thor tribe. Let's go. Let's go in. Said Violet in a low voice. Two ears have followed you in the midst of humanity, stealthily into the chamber of commerce. The huge stone building was not as chaotic as imagined, but in good order. As soon as he entered it, Planetary Gear Motor ,Small Geared Motors, Ye Yinzhu was immediately attracted by the dazzling array of goods around him. Most of them are actually human shops, even no different from the shops in human cities. It's just that most of the things sold are things like grain. Those human fellows turned a blind eye to their compatriots walking in the Chamber of Commerce, but they were enthusiastic about the nobles who came here and kept selling their goods. Zi Chuanyin said to Ye Yinzhu, "This Chamber of Commerce was built by you humans. Orcs don't have such a good mechanism.". The Chamber of Commerce in Quake Fortress is said to have been built by one of the largest business alliances in the Milan Empire after several negotiations with the Thor tribe. The people who sell things here are all from the Chamber of Commerce Alliance. Outside these are just the most common goods, here is divided into five parts, the more to the inside, the more expensive things to sell. Orcs want to buy things from humans, either in gold or silver, or in exchange for goods of equal value. For example, the fur, crystal nucleus or metal ore of Warcraft. "Then how can we get the logo of the Chamber of Commerce?" Asked Ye Yinzhu. Purple pointed to the chests of the shopkeepers on both sides and whispered, "Do you see the badges on their chests? As long as we get six badges, it will be enough.". If we can't get it now, we will leave with Chang Hao's invisible boundary tomorrow. It's just that there's no magic element in the fortress. He consumes a lot today, and it's impossible to recover tomorrow. Ye Yinzhu's heart moved, "Purple, why is there no magic element in Thor's Hammer Fortress?" "Don't you know?" Violet asked? The reason why Quake Fortress is called the first fortress of the continent is that there is a first artifact of the continent here. This artifact is called Thor's Hammer, which has been passed down from the Lion King family, so they can always be the masters of Thor's tribe. "Thor's hammer?" Ye Yinzhu's interest increased greatly. "How does this first artifact compare with my withered wood dragon Yin Qin?" Episode 1 Harp Magician Chapter 79 Thor Chamber of Commerce (middle) Shaking his head, he said, "I don't know.". But from the role of Thor's hammer, I'm afraid it belongs to the super artifact. Thor's hammer, as its name implies, is an artifact of thunder attributes. The thunder attribute is a variant of the fire attribute. It is a very overbearing magic element with strong exclusiveness. In Quake Fortress, it is because of the presence of Quake that there are no other magic elements. Think about it, the breath alone can envelop such a huge fortress, the power of this artifact can reach what extent? In the autumn battle every year, no matter how much the Thor tribe is defeated in the war, as long as you withdraw to the fortress, with the power of Thor's hammer, you humans will not dare to commit lightly. Any magic that enters the Stronghold of Mjolnir's breath will be reduced to one third of its original range, and no elemental sorcerer will be able to cast magic in the range. Moreover, the attack power of Thor's hammer is devastating, and it is said that it can instantly curse three thunder attributes every day. It's all very large. The element of thunder is arguably the most aggressive of all magic elements. Even if the silver dragon clan comes here, they have to weigh it. What's more, the Beamon monster of the Thor tribe is the most of the three tribes. With our invincible strength of Beamon land warfare,gear reduction motor, you humans have lost the greatest reliance on magic. How can you attack this solid fortress? Ye Yinzhu's eyes flashed, "If there is a chance, I really want to see how powerful this Thor's hammer is." 。 ichgearmotor.com

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